Agilent 33120A 15 MHz Arbitrary / Function generator. IN STOCK. 6z50. Option 001 is available 395
HP  3312A 12 MHz Sweep/Function Generator. Dual output. 1mHz-12MHz, AM/FM/Phase.  ii 350
HP 3314A 20 MHz Arbitary/Function Generator OPT 001  IN STOCK  5k 995
HP  3324A 21MHz Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function Generator.1mHz to 21MHz @ +/-5PPM. 1mV amplitude resolution. 495
HP  3325A 21 MHz Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function gen. Option 002 High voltage, 40V @1 MOhm 650
HP 3325A Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function generator 0 .01Hz to 21MHz 499
HP 3325B Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function generator 0 .01Hz to 21MHz opt 001 High Stability. 006 895
HP 3245A Universal Source. 1MHz high precision waveform generator. Dual output option available 006 iii 1495
HP 8116A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator Programmable (National Instruments supported) 650
HP  8165A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator:  Option 002 (Sweep) IN STOCK 950
HP  8165A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator with Options 002, 003 IN STOCK! 1250
HP 8904A Dual Channel Waveform Synthesizer DC to 600KHz, Variable phase. Option 001&002 ii 008 450
Krohn-Hite 5400B Function Generator 5MHz, 30V p-pk into open circuit, 70dB attenuator, Var symmetry 195
Lecroy 9112 Lecroy 9112 Programmable dual chan. arbitrary waveform generator. 9100/CP controller  available 395
Seintek G5100 Seintek G5100 15MHz Programmable Function generator. Synthesized 4 digit accuracy. 001 250
Stanford R DS335 3.1MHz Synthesized Sweep Function generator. GPIB & RS232. 1uHz resolution, 10 Vpp into 50 Ohm 350
Stanford R DS345 IN STOCK SRS DS345 options 01, 02. 30MHz Synthesized Function Generator PICTURES 895
Tabor 8551 Tabor Electronics 8551 Pulse Function Generator 50 MHz IN STOCK! 995
Tabor 8026 Tabor Electronics 8026 Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform generator IN STOCK! 695
Topward   TFG 4613 12 MHz function generator, Sine, Square, Triangular, Pulse  AM/FM/Sweep functions, dual output, Var. symmetry 150
Tektronix CFG250 2 MHz Function Generator. 20V p-pk into 1 MOhm DC Offset, Variable symmetry. 5k ii 149
Tektronix AFG2020 TEK AFG2020 100MHz Programmable Arbitrary Waveform Generator 250MS/s PICTURES 006 895
Tektronix AWG2021 Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator 125MHz. IN STOCK! Options 2 & 9 895
Tektronix AWG2040 500MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator opt 1,3,9. 4MB record length (opt 001), Digital outputs (opt 003), FFT editor (opt 009) 1950
Tektronix  FG504A 40 MHz Sweep/Function generator plug-in for TM500/5000 series chassis. IN STOCK 650
Tenma 72-5010 2 MHz Sweep Function generator 20V p-pk output 120
Wavetek  166 50MHz Sweep Function Pulse, 15V p-pk into 50Ohm, AM/FM Lin/Log sweep 595
Wavetek   186 Phase lock generator. 0.0001Hz to 5MHz, phase lock to external frequency. Rack mount case. Pic 550
Wavetek  275 Function-Arbitrary waveform generator. 10mHz-12MHz,  Record length 8192 points (opt 4)  795
Wavetek  288 20MHz Synthesized Function Generator, 30V p-p output, FM/AM/Sweep/Phase Angle. 495
Agilent E4438C E4438C 6 GHz Generator. Options: 002, 005, 506, UN7, UNB, UNJ. IN STOCK! 006 9950
Agilent E8257D Agilent E8257D 40 GHz High performance signal generator.O[tions 1E1, 1EU, UNT, UNX. 5k call
Agilent E8257D Agilent E8257D 20 GHz High performance signal generator. Options: 520/1E1/1EA/UNX  5k call
Agilent E8267C Agilent E8267C 20 GHz Low Phase noise  Options 003,005,007,015,1E6, 420, 520,602, UNA. pics 00I soldout 27950
Agilent N5182A Agilent N5182A 6 GHz MXG RF Signal Generator. Opt: 019, 099, 1EA, 1EQ, 221,506, 651, ALB, U01, UNT 8995
HP 8642B Low Phase noise 2.1GHz Signal Generator. IN STOCK! 5k 3750
HP 8644B HP8648B Low phase noise RF Signal Generator options 001/002. IN STOCK! 001 1950
Agilent 8648C Programmable 3.2 GHz Synthesized RF Signal Generator Option 1E5, 1E6, 1EA. High power output 1995
HP 8665B 6 GHz Synthesizer RF Signal Generator. 4.2 GHz. IN STOCK! ii 00I 4995
Agilent N5181A Fast switching RF Signal generator. 100kHz-1GHz opt 501, UNZ, 1EM. IN STOCK! 006ii 4950
HP 83620A RF Signal Generator 10MHz to 20GHz, CW, Sweep. IN STOCK! 006 7500
HP 83620B RF Signal Generator 10MHz to 20GHz, CW, Sweep. IN STOCK! 006 7995
HP 83621B RF Signal Source for HP8510C VNA. IN STOCK! 001 3995
HP 83623B High Power RF Signal Generator 10MHz to 20GHz, CW/Sweep. IN STOCK! 001 10995
HP 83624A HP 83624A High Power RF Signal Generator 2-20GHz. Sweep/CW. IN STOCK! 001 7995
HP 83640A 40GHz RF Signal Generator. 1Hz resolution. Options 004/008. Rear output. IN STOCK! 006 14950
HP 83650B 50GHz RF Signal Generator. Opt 001. IN STOCK!. 001 16950
Agilent 83732B Programmable Synthesized Signal Generator 10MHz to 20 GHz options 1E1, 1E2. IN STOCK  00I 5995
Agilent 83752A Programmable Synthesized Signal Generator 10MHz to 20 GHz opt 1E1. IN STOCK PICTURES 4995
Eaton   380K11  Synthesized signal generator. Plug-ins are available separately. Pic 395
Eaton P3604.0E1 Plug-in module for Eaton 380K11 mainframe. 4GHz, +15dBm, FSK/FM/AM/Phase modulation 350
Gigatronics 900 Synthesized Sweep Generator 50MHz-18GHz Opt. 6,8,16,15,C,213 2950
Gigatronics 7100 Synthesized Sweep Generator 10MHz-20.1GHz call for available options 2850
GW Instek USG-LF44 USB controlled Synthesized RF Signal Generator CW, Sweep mode 34MHz to 4.4GHz, -30dBm to 0 dBm. 001  PICS 375
HP E4426B ESG-D3000B Digital Signal Generator Options 1E5, UN8, UND, H99, UN5, 201. 3/7-006 3950
HP  8350A Sweep oscillator mainframe. For HP 83000 and HP 86000 series plug-ins 550
HP 8350B Sweep oscillator mainframe. For HP 83000 and HP 86000 series plug-ins 695
HP   8656B  Synthesized signal generator 0.1-990MHz.  -127dBm to +13dBm. Option 002 Pictures 995
HP 8657A 2 GHz Synthesized signal generator with high stability time base (opt 001) 001 1595
HP 8672A Synthesized Signal generator 2-18GHz, +3dBm leveled output, FM/AM inputs 2500
HP  8614A RF generator. 0.8-2.4GHz range. +10dBm (10mW) max power, 120dB attenuator, ext.AM/FM/Pulse 450
HP  8620C RF Sweep generator. 10MHz to 22GHz range. 862XX plug-ins are listed below.  HPIB interface  pic  VIDEO 495
HP  83525A Sweep oscillator plug-in for HP8350A/B. 10MHz-8.4GHz. Late serial number. IN STOCK. 1300
HP 83592A Sweep oscillator plug-in for HP8350A/B. 10MHz to 20GHz. IN STOCK 2495
HP 83595A Sweep oscillator plug-in for HP8350A/B. 10MHz to 26.5GHz. opt 002. IN STOCK 2950
HP  86220A Sweep oscillator plug-in. Frequency range: 10MHz  to 1.3GHz.. 13dBm max. output 495
HP  86222B Sweep oscillator plug-in. Frequency range: 10MHz  to 2.4GHz.. 13dBm max. output 595
HP  86240C Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 3.6 to 8.6 GHz., +20dBm For HP8620 &  HP8350A/B with adapter 400
HP  86241A Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 3.2 to 6.5 GHz, +8dBm MAX level output, EXT. AM/FM mod. 350
HP  86242D Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 5.9 to 9 GHz, 10mW output 350
HP  86290B 2-18 GHz Sweeper Plug-in 10dBm max leveled output; Power variation: +/-0.9 dB internally leveled. pic 950
HP  86602A Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 1 to 1300MHz. For HP 8660 Generator 150
HP  E6432A 20GHz Synthesized Signal Generator OPT UNF IN STOCK. iiii 1995
HP 70340A IN STOCK. 20GHz Signal Generator.  Options 1E1, 1E8 IN STOCK 1Hz resolution, 90 dB attenuator.  VIDEO 2500
Keysight M9421A Keysight 6 GHz Vector Transceiver 60MHz-6GHz High power option. For PXIe chassis 3995
Wavetek  955 Signal source 7.5-12.4 GHz, +10dBm, +/-0.1dB flatness, 25dB control band. Stability: 0.009% 795
Agilent 81110A Agilent 81110A Dual differential output pulse generator 330MHz  with 2z 81112 modules. IN STOCK!  PICS   001 5995
HP 8005A 20MHz Dual output pulse generator. Adjustable transition times. IN STOCK PICTURES 008 295
HP 8005B 20MHz Dual output pulse generator. Adjustable transition times. IN STOCK 395
HP  8007B 100MHz, max repetition rate. Rise/Fall time <2nS-250uS, DC offset, TTL, ECL, pos/neg output 350
HP  8015A 50MHz pulse generator. Burst option (002) Dual  adjustable outputs plus TTL 399
HP  8082A 250MHz repetition rate, 2.3nS min pulse width, 1nS rise/fall time. 5V into 50Ohm. Two outputs. pic 850
HP 8111A 20MHz Pulse Function Generator. 20V p-pk output. 006 5k 395
HP  8112A 50MHz, adjustable transition times, burst mode, GPIB, upgraded for reliability 650
HP 8130A HP8130A Dual output 300MHz Pulse generator. Programmable rise fall time. 001 1295
HP 8133A 3 GHz Pulse Generator 100 pS RT, 100pS min width. LTVD/ECL +4.5V/-4.5V, 1.8V p-pk Option 001. IN STOCK  00I 1799
HP  8175A Digital data generator. 32 TTL/CMOS channels. All pods and flying lead probes included. Option 005  pic 950
Interface Tech. RS-690 RS-690 250MHz digital word generator. 64 channels, up to 16kB of data per chan. Options included: Floppy disk, ECL pods, Variable current data pod (50Ohm) 1500
LeCroy  9211 Pulse generator plug-in. 250MHz repetition rate. IN STOCK. 300pS rise time, 5V into 50 Ohm.   495
SRS  DG535 Repair service for your Stanford Research Systems DG535 Digital delay generator.  950
Tektronix AWG610 AWG610 is an 800MHz 2.6GS/s Arbitrary waveform generator 001 2995
Tektronix PG502 10Hz-250MHz Pulse generator, 1nS rise time, +/-5V output (5V p-pk max). Single pulse mode. Pic 250
Tektronix PG507 Dual output 50 MHz Pulse generator. For TM500/5000 series chassis 008 250
Tektronix DG2020A IN STOCK.  Data Generator. Data Pods are available.  950
Tektronix DG2040 IN STOCK. 1Gbps Programmable Data Generator 1450
Tektronix DTG5274 Multi channel Data Generator Tektronix DTG5274 a high speed programmable data generator 7k 1950
Tektronix P3420 Data Pod for the TEK DG20XX series data generators with interface cable 950
Wavetek  680-3 100 MHz Pulse Generator Modules. Add channels to your Wavetek 869 modular pulse gen. 190
Wavetek  802 50MHz Pulse Generator. 5nS Rise/Fall time. Rack mount case option. 395
Wavetek  EH2000 200MHz max repetition rate. 1nS rise time, 5V p-pk into 50Ohms. Fully programmable 650
Fluke 6010 Signal Generator 10MHz Synthesized option 4 & 5   008 495
PTS 04053N10 40MHz Frequency Synthesizer 0.01Hz resolution, 13dBm output 495
SRS PRS10 Stanford research PRS10 Low Phase Noise Rubidium Oscillator 10MHz. IN STOCK! 001 ii 399
TEKTRONIX  SG502 Low distortion Oscillator, 10Hz-100kHz  5V max 600 Ohm  70dB attenuator with 10dB steps 195
Anritsu MP1763C 12.5GHz Dual Channel Pulse/Data generator with Error insertion function opt 01. IN STOCK! 001 3950
Andy Hish  ESD255 ESD Generator with Human Model probe. 25kV max. Event counter (option A) Pictures 950
HP  16522A Data Pattern Vector generator for HP 16500 series analyzers. PROBES & TTL/CMOS PODS INCL. v 350
Haefely IP6.2 Haefely IP 6.2 Surge Coupling Network. PICTURES 1650
Leader LCG-396 NTSC Video Generator Composite video output. 001 95
New Wave Instr. LRS-100 Spread Spectrum Generator. PN, Gold, Orthogonal-Gold, JPL, Barker, truncated and appended codes. BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK (SQPSK) & Burst modes of operation. pics 950
NoiseCom  UFX/BER IBS/IDR Noise generator. Carrier-to-noise (C/N), Carrier-to-noise density (C/No), Bit energy-to-noise density (Eb/No), Carrier-to-interferer (C/I), RF power and Precision  noise generator. Optional Automatic Gain control (Tracking). pic 950
Quantum Data 802B Quantum Data 802B Video Generator with options TV, DVI-SL, HDCP. IN STOCK! 001/30371 795
Quantum Data 882 Quantum Data 882 Video Generator/Analyzer VGA HDMI S-Video Composite pics  008 850
Quantum Data 881GD Digital & Analog Video Signal Generator. VGA, DVI, MAC, SUN, RGB. 130+ formats. PC interface 350
Philips PM5418TDS+Y/ PM5418TDS+Y/C Multisystem Video Generator; PAL/SECAM/NTSC, Sound, RF Bands, Teletext 450
Philips PM5518TN Multisystem Video Generator; PAL/SECAM/NTSC, Sound, RF Bands, Teletext 350
Philips PM5630 Video Test generator. PAL 625 lines. Digital, conforms to EBU & RS170A std. 150
R&S SFU Broadcast Test System Fading option, Extended memory, Coder extension. WATCH VIDEO 001 ii 4995
Schaffner NSG2050 Power Line Transient Generator +/-4kV with plug-in PICTRES 001 3450
Tektronix   TSG131A Milti-Format video test generator with audio (Opt 003). PAL format.  IN STOCK 295
Tektronix   TSG170 Video test generator. 15 test patterns. Digital genlock. NTSC format.  IN STOCK 295
Tektronix TSG-300 Component Video Generator. Serial digital video and PbYr outputs. Ii 008 250
Tektronix   1411 PAL Video test generator with  SPG12, TSG11, TSP11,   TSG13,  TSG15, TSG16.  IN STOCK 595
Tektronix   1910 Video test generator/ Inserter. Studio, transmitter and transmission. 10-Bit signal generation. Opt 1 avail.  Pic 395
Tektronix VITS100 Video test generator/ Inserter. NTC 7, FCC, and VIR Signals. FCC composite, multiburst   IN STOCK 295
Tektronix VITS200 Generator/Inserter NTC7, FCC, VIRS, and GCR Signals Cable Multiburst and Sweep Signals. IN STOCK 395
Tektronix DBI200 Tektronix DBI200 VBI Data Broadcasting Insertion System. . New in a box 395
Velonex  510 Power line Surge Transient generator. Connects to AC mains to generate transients of up to 2.5kV IN STOCK 4500

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