Agilent 34420A Agilent 34420A Nano voltmeter 7.5 digit DMM. IN STOCK  k5 1850
FLUKE 189 Fluke 189 Hand-Held DMM with 16 measuring functions. Dual display Min/Max dBm dBv, C, Freq. 275
FLUKE  8000A 3 1/2 Digit Benchtop DMM. Measures voltages up to 1200V RMS 95
FLUKE  8012A 3 1/2 Digit Benchtop DMM, Low Ohm scale with 10 milliohm resolution, True RMS  120
FLUKE 8026B 3 1/2 Digit DMM One Hand operation. True RMS. K5 95
FLUKE 8060A 4.5 digit Handheld DMM, dB, Hz, Conductance, Relative 100kHz AC BW. One hand operation. k5 175
FLUKE 8520A Programmable System DMM. High speed mode. IN STOCK 495
FLUKE  8050A 4.5 digit Bench DMM dBm, Conductance, True RMS with optional rechargeable batteries 150
FLUKE 8810A 5.5 digit DMM. Options are available 195
FLUKE 8840A IN STOCK. 5.5 digit DMM options 5 GPIB, option 9 RMS AC 895
Datron 1062 Datron 1062 DMM 6.5 digit contact us for available options 750
HP 34401A HP/Agilent 34401A Bright display! 6.5 digit DMM. IN STOCK 008 001 000 550
Instek   GDM-8040 DMM, Benchtop, Frequency, Capacitance, Max/Min, Relative, Temperature, 20A AC/DC 95
Keithley  175 4.5 digit DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man 150
Keithley  177 Microvolt meter DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, 20mV DCV and 20uA DC ranges.  195
Keithley 194A High speed dual channel voltmeter. GPIB interface 32k memory IN STOCK 008 595
Keithley  197 5.5 digit DMM. dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man, GPIB interface  k5 295
Keithley 610C Keithley 610C is an analog electrometer with volt and ohms functions PICS rackmount or desktop 008 650
Keithley 617 Programmable Electrometer. Built in DC source. GPIB interface. SOLD OUT 750
Keithley  619 Electrometer Dual Channel 10fA-2A, 10mOhm-2TOhm, 1uV-200V. GPIB.  Add or subtract 2 inputs 995
Keithley 6514 Programmable Electrometer 5 1/2 digits resolution GPIB IN STOCK! 3650
Keithley 6521 Scanner card for Keithley 6517 Electrometer. IN STOCK 1250
Keithley 2750 DMM/Switch Measuring System. 6 1/2 digit DMM with four I/O card slots.  795
Keithley 6194 Input module for Keithley 619 Electrometer 300
Keysight 34470A Keysight 34470A NEW! with Factory calibration. pictures 3495
Phillips PM2718/2 True RMS Multimeter with dB scale, frequency counter, logic probe. Protective case and test leads 195
            RESISTANCE                   INDUCTANCE                    CAPACITANCE  
Agilent 4284A Agilent 4284A Repair Service. Flat rate, Quick turnaround. 25 years in the business. 950
Boonton 72B 1 MHz Capacitance meter. 6 ranges, 1pF to 1000 pF. 0.1pF resolution. ii 450
HP 4338A IN STOCK Programmable Digital Micro Ohm meter. 4 digit resolution. IN STOCK 850
HP 4262A LCR meter 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, Q & D measurements. IN STOCK           6/5 650
HP  4275A IN STOCK. 10MHz LCR meter Impedance, Q, D. Op 001 Internal DC Bias +/-35VDC, GPIB 1595
HP 4285A HP4285A 30MHz LCR Meter. GPIB. IN STOCK! 001 3995
HP  4140A Pico-amp meter and Voltage source. Measure I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. Analog output (001), HPIB (101)  695
HP 4140B Pico-amp meter and Voltage source. Measure I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. 008 995
Keysight U1732C Pocket LCR meter. 10Hz to 10kHz test freq. ESR Max Min Memory 295
Keithley 6521 Scanner card for Keithley 6517 Electrometer
3M 709 Static voltage meter. 100kV range, 3.5 digit LCD display 150
Agilent E4418B RF Power Meter. Can be used with all HP 8400 series power sensors as well as N series sensors 001 895
Agilent 34420A Agilent 34420A Nanovoltmeter 7.5 digit resolution. MilliOhmmeter. Programmable 5k 1995
Boonton 4531 Boonton 4531 Peak RF Power meter. Graphic display ii 1495
Boonton 92E RF Voltmeter 1 GHz bandwidth, -70 to +30 dBm. Probe is available separately. 195
EG&G  410 C-V plotter for silicon wafer analysis. Built in 1MHz analog capacitance meter 650
FW Bell 8030 Magnetic Field Meter 3 axis AC-DC Gauss, Tesla, Oersted, A/m, BW PROBE INCLUDED 4500
Fluke 8920A Fluke 8920A RF Voltmeter 20MHz BW, dBm, dB or Volts AC or AC+DC 006 795
Gigatronics 8541C Gigatronic 8541C RF Power meter Programmable 008 ii 450
HP 428B DC Clamp-on Current meter. 1mA to 10A, 3% accuracy. DC-400Hz, 6z5 395
HP 432A RF Power Meter. Late serial number version. Sensor cable is available separately ii 150
HP 436A HP 436A RF Power meter Options 022 GPIB interface 008  ii 395
HP 437A RF Power Meter. Programmable. Sensor cable (HP11730A) is available separately. 5k 395
HP 438A HP 438A RF Power Meter Dual channel. Programmable 008 i, 006 ii 395
HP EPM-441A HP EPM-441A aka E4418A RF Power Meter. Power sensors and a sensor cable are available 695
Agilent E4418B RF Power Meter with Ethernet and RS-232. IN STOCK 695
Keithley 236 Keithley 236 Source Measuring unit 110V, 100mA Programmable. 001 995
Keithley 237 Keithley 237 High Voltage Source Measuring Unit 1000V/10mA 001  SOLD OUT 2495
Keithley 238 Keithley  238 High Current Source Measuring unit 15V/1A. 001 995
Keithley 2400 Keithley 2400 SOurce Measuring Unit 6.5 digit accuracy, programmable +/-200V, +/-1A  008 2599
Keithley 480 Picoamp meter 0.1 pA resolution. 3 1/2 digits. Seven measuring ranges 1nA to 1mA.     5k 450
Keithley 580 Precision DC Micro-ohmmeter. 1milliOhm resolution, AC or Battery. 006 995
Keithley 595 Quasi-Static C-V meter, picoAmp meter, +/-20V DC source. Wafer capacitance measurements. 008 1200
Keithely 590 C-V Analyzer with 100kHz and 1MHz modules. Wafer capacitance measurements. 008 1950
Marconi TF2304 Modulation meter AM/FM 001 299
RFL 912 AC-DC Gauss meter 0 - 10kGauss WITH PROBE            6/5 695
Rohde Schwartz  UPSF2E2 UPSF2 noise meter measurement module.  195
Sencore LC102 Sencore LC102 Capacitance/Inductance Analyzer ESR, Dissipation, Loss, 0 to 500V test voltage 01 ii 999
Valhalla 2000-3 Digital AC Wattmeter 2000Wt, 0-20A, 0-300VAC 350
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