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FLUKE  8000A 3 1/2 Digit Bench DMM. Measures voltages up to 1200V RMS 95    
FLUKE  8012A 3 1/2 Digit Bench DMM, Low Ohm scale with 10millOhm resolution, True RMS  120    
FLUKE 8026B 3 1/2 Digit DMM One Hand operation. True RMS. K5 95    
FLUKE 8060A 4.5 digit Handheld DMM, dB, Hz, Conductance, Relative measurements 100kHz AC BW. One hand operation. k5 175    
FLUKE 8520A Programmable System DMM. High speed mode. IN STOCK 495    
FLUKE  8050A 4.5 digit Bench DMM dBm, Conductance, True RMS with optional rechargeable batteries 150    
FLUKE 8505A 6.5 digit DMM options 2A/3/5/9. AC/DC Volts and Amps, True RMS, Ohms and GPIB IN STOCK 650    
FLUKE 8840A 5.5 digit DMM options 5 GPIB, option 9 ACV RMS 395    
HP 3478A 5.5 digit DMM with HPIB interface. IN STOCK 195    
HP 3457A 7.5 digit DMM with Scanner interface card. IN STOCK 7k 695    
Instek   GDM-8040 DMM, Benchtop, Frequency, Capacitance, Max/Min, Relative, Temperature, 20A AC/DC 120    
Keithley  175 4.5 digit DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man 150    
Keithley  177 Microvolt meter DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, 20mV DCV and 20uA DC ranges.  195    
Keithley 194A High speed dual channel voltmeter. GPIB interface 32k memory IN STOCK 008 650    
Keithley  197 5.5 digit DMM. dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man, GPIB interface 195    
Keithley 197A 5.5 digit DMM, 4 wire Ohm measurements (1mOhm resolution). 6z50 295    
Keithley 614 Electrometer Digital10-E14 Amp sensitivity, 5+E13 Ohm impedance. Voltage, Charge, Current. Battery powered ii 595    
Keithley  619 Electrometer Dual Channel 10fA-2A, 10mOhm-2TOhm, 1uV-200V.  GPIB interface.  Two measurement channels allow add or subtract results from two signal sources. 995    
Keithley 6194 Input module for Keithley 619 Electrometer 300    
Phillips PM2718/2 True RMS Multimeter with dB scale, frequency counter, logic probe 195    
            RESISTANCE                   INDUCTANCE                    CAPACITANCE      
Agilent 4284A Agilent 4284A Repair Service. Flat rate, Quick turnaround. 25 years in the business. 950    
Boonton 72B 1MHz Capacitance Meter 8 ranges; from 1pF range to 3000pF range. IN STOCK! Adapters are included 350    
General Radio 1621 Capacitance Measuring System. Complete. IN STOCK! 4950    
HP 4338A IN STOCK Programmable Digital Micro Ohm meter. 4 digit resolution. IN STOCK 850    
HP 4262A LCR meter 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, Q & D measurements. IN STOCK           6/5 650    
HP  4275A 10MHz LCR meter Impedance, Q, D measurements. Option 001 Internal DC Bias +/-35VDC, GPIB interface. K5, 008 1350    
HP 4278A 1MHz Capacitance Meter with Handler interface (opt 201), GPIB interface opt 101.  1750    
HP  4140A Pico-amp meter and Voltage source. Measure I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. Analog output (001), HPIB (101)  695    
HP 4140B Pico-amp meter and Voltage source. Measure I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. 008 995    
Keithley 580 Milliom meter. Auto or Manual ranging. 4 digit resolution.  GPIB interface 850    
Philips PM6303A LCR Meter IN STOCK. 0.25% accuracy, Axial adapter is available. 6z7 795    
Polar 550 Short circuit locator. 0.01 Ohm resolution. Audio tone indication of a resistance value. 495    
Sencore  SCR250 SCR tester for use with LC102 analyzer.  pic  195    
3M 709 Static voltage meter. 100kV range, 3.5 digit LCD display 150    
3M 703 Static voltage meter up 200kV. Three measuring ranges 150    
American Reliance AR-180T Transmission loss tester/DMM.  Combines a transmitter & AC voltmeter with dB scale. DCV and Ohms  pic  120    
Boonton 92E RF Voltmeter 1GHz bandwith, -70 to +30 dBm. Probe is available separately. 195    
EG&G  410 C-V plotter for silicon wafer analysis. Built in 1MHz analog capacitance meter 650    
Fluke 80k-40 High Voltage probe for DMM's 1:1000 40kV max AC/DC for DMM's with 10MOhm inputs 70    
HP 400FL RF Voltmeter & Filter 10MHz BW, 1mV-300V in 12 ranges. dB and Volt Meter scale 295    
HP 428B DC Clamp-on Current meter. 1mA to 10A, 3% accuracy. DC-400Hz, 6z5 395    
HP 432A RF Power Meter. Late serial number version. Cable and sensor are not included 150    
HP  436A RF Power Meter with HPIB (opt. 022).  Eligible for Agilent trade-in program towards EMP purchase. 395    
HP  5005B Signature Analyzer/Voltmeter/Frequency Counter/Ohm meter in one compact unit. Pic 395    
Keithley 595 Quasi-Static C-V meter, picoAmp meter, +/-20V DC source. Wafer capacitance measurements. 008 1200    
Keithely 590 C-V Analyzer with 100kHz and 1MHz modules. Wafer capacitance measurements. 008 1950    
RFL 912 AC-DC Gauss meter 0 - 10kGauss WITH PROBE            6/5 695    
Rohde Schwartz  UPSF2E2 UPSF2 noise meter measurement module.  195    
Valhalla 2000-3 Digital AC Wattmeter 2000Wt, 0-20A, 0-300VAC 350    
Wavetek 8501A Peak RF Power meter. IN STOCK. Newer version with plasma display 1495