Agilent 53132A Agilent 53132A Dual channel 225MHz Universal counter. Time interval measurments. IN STOCK!  001 650
Agilent 53181A 1.5 GHz GHz Universal Frequency Counter. Programmable. opt 030 available  5k 659
B&K Precision 1803B B&K Precison 1803B 100MHz handheld frequency counter. Rechargeable battery. Pic 75
Beckman UC10A 100MHz Countrer with Time Interval functuion 008 195
EIP  535B 18GHz Microwave counter. -30dB sensitivity 12 digit resolution.  Option 8 (GPIB). IN STOCK. pic  1400
EIP 575 18GHz Source Locking Microwave counter with GPIB Interface. Opt 9 (rear input). IN STOCK. 950
HP  5314A 100 MHz Universal Counter  2 channels, 25mV sensitivity  Optional 001 High stability Time base avail. 150
HP 5315A 100 MHz Universal Frequency Counter.  25mV sensitivity. Opt 001, 003 (1 GHz input). IN STOCK  008 299
HP 5316A 100 MHz Dual channel Frequency counter 25 mV sensitivity. High stability time base (opt 004) 5k2 275
HP 5328A 100 MHz Universal frequency counter. Opt 021 DMM. 006 650
HP 5328B 100 MHz Universal Frequency Counter options  010/031 750
HP 5382A Frequency Counter 225MHz 30dB attenuator link k5 195
HP 5334A 100 MHz Universal counter. 12 functions, 2 channels, HPIB interface. 300
HP 5335A 225 MHz Universal Counter Options  020,  040.  k5 695
HP 5340A Microwave Frequency counter 18GHz GPIB option 001, Rear input option 002. 5k 1350
HP 5342A Microwave Frequency counter 18GHz option 011 GPIB interface. 5k 995
HP  5345A Universal Counter 500MHz, 25mV sensitivity, 9000 measurements/sec,  Option 11 1650
HP 5350B 20GHz Microwave Frequency Counter. IN STOCK. 5k 850
HP 5351B 26.5GHz Microwave Frequency Counter LIKE NEW CONDITION. Pictures  5k 995
HP  5355A Converter plug-in for the HP5345A counter. Extends frequency range to 40GHz 350
HP 5356A RF Converter head 1.5 to 18GHz. For use with HP5355A Converter plug-in 450
HP  5370A IN STOCK. Time interval counter. 100MHz max, pS resolution. -1.3 to 2V trigger range, HPIB 950

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